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The Paramount Importance of People

Your people are your business: without them, there is no business. Yet even in these industries, organisations often pay lip service to the importance of people viewing them as liabilities rather than assets. They often don't show real respect for their people, fail to come to terms with what really motivates them, and thus never come close to achieving the ultimate human resources goal: to lead their people to become their competitive advantage. This is just plain wrong.

People want to succeed. They want to be given opportunities to succeed; they want to be competent at what they do; and they want to be recognised for their competence. Organisations that understand these truths, and view their people accordingly, can gain a real, tangible advantage over their competitors one that can increase over time. We call it, naturally, the People Advantage. It's what we're all about, and we believe it's available to every organisation.

PeopleAdvantage is an organisational renewal consultancy specialising in the development and implementation of innovative people solutions.

The benchmark for performance!

How? We have focused our range of capabilities to cover four distinct areas which link people and renewal:

gain competitive advantage through people

Aligning Cultures

Does your organisation have a clear understanding and commitment to its future direction?

It is critical that everyone in the organisation understands why this is the right direction. How else can you expect people to be 100 percent committed? Naturally, this is a key element in effectively managing your people: you can't do it without proper planning and a shared understanding about the organisation's future path.

To assist our clients to Align their Cultures we provide the following services:

  • Undertaking a range of culture reviews and analysis, including mapping linkages between the organisation's business and culture;
  • Facilitation of the development of culture strategies and high level implementation assistance;
  • Identification and assessment of the readiness and capability of the organisation for change;
  • Facilitation of the analysis and design of the organisation to ensure the organisation change has the highest probability of success.

Our work in this area spans both the public and private organisations and we have approached cultural alignment from a number of directions. However, all have had one thing in common. A commitment to sustainable change through engaging people.

Download case study: Cultural Alignment for a Global manufacturing Company

Creating Leaders

Are your managers adequately prepared for the task at hand?

Once you've determined you have all the right people, you then have to be sure your managers are up to the task of motivating, directing and evaluating them.

PeopleAdvantage can help with the crucial step of ensuring that managerial roles and the people who fill them are properly aligned with the organisation's objectives.

Our leading edge range of leadership development programs can assist managers develop their skills to effectively lead their people.

We focus on:

  • Working closely with individual managers, to ensure they develop the necessary skills and confidence to successfully manage and implement change.
  • Supporting leaders as their coach and mentor, through the difficult and draining change implementation work.
  • Providing both strategic advice and emotional support to facilitate implementation.

An integral part of creating leaders is creating effective teams for them to lead. As such, PeopleAdvantage also provide a range of services to develop and enhance teams to help them engage and accept change.

Download case study: Leadership Development Program for a Non-Government Not-For-Profit Organisation

Transforming Performance

Can your organisation really make the changes it has to make in order to realise your objectives?

The key to transforming performance is the establishment of a transparent, robust change platform. Our Role Competency Frameworks created for clients by PeopleAdvantage provide such a change platform.

Role Competency Frameworks are a proven methodology to:

  • Assist employees and managers to commit to role grading structures and performance requirements;
  • Achieve an effective and relatively quick development process;
  • Accurately match internal roles with external market remuneration data;
  • Achieve significant productivity and motivation improvements;
  • Realise focused learning and development outcomes.

Our robust change platforms enable the development of a range of enhanced, cost effective performance management systems and tools. Transparency is increased and the reputation of management and the organisation is enhanced. At PeopleAdvantage we consider these change platforms to be essential in the realisation of a sustainable performance-based culture.

Included in transforming performance is the establishment of tailored Learning and Development solutions. We have undertaken a number of public workshops across a range of industries, in the following areas:

  • Advanced Performance Management,
  • Effective Project Leadership
  • The Psychology of Managing Performance,
  • The Psychology of Managing Change,
  • Establishing the Platform for Driving a Performance Culture,
  • Engaging People to Improve Strategic Performance,
  • Managing Difficult People.

Download case study: Drive Sustained Performance Improvement with Competencies | Scientific Affairs Extract (Accompanies Case Study)

Rewarding for Success

Do you really know what motivates your people to perform?

Most people assume that the only rewards employees are interested in are monetary: salary, then bonus, then benefits. But do you really know what motivates each individual to come to work in your organisation?

To assist our clients to Reward for Success, PeopleAdvantage undertake a range of Remuneration Benchmarking assignments. These assignments can be organisation wide and/or job family specific and individual roles - where establishing the right salary level is critical for success.

PeopleAdvantage has developed a reputation across its broad client base as experts in the fields of Remuneration and Non-Monetary Recognition and Reward processes.

This has been achieved through the development of:

  • Specific Executive Compensation Strategies, including Executive Contracts linked directly to Position Descriptions, Performance Objectives and Performance Indicators.
  • Remuneration Benchmarking and Strategic Remuneration Advice, and
  • A range of assignments to enhance employee recognition and provide a transparent process to reward individual employees, teams or groups who have demonstrated alignment to cultural values or higher levels of contribution.

Download case study: Executive Remuneration

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